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Leva Fissa 7X Long su DAX

  • Codice FDAX7L
Scadenza prodotto al 18/12/2020
7X Long Index linked to DAX®EUR 
Si prega di notare che quanto sopra è una mera indicazione di prezzo.


Product ISIN: DE000VN9AAA8
SeDeX Symbol: FDAX7L

The price of the Underlying Reference Instrument has reached the Barrier Level.
Date and Time: 12.03.2020 16:51

According to the underlying Index rules, the Index parameters have been determined and calculated as follows:
Index Closing Value (new): EUR 27.118083
Reference Instrument Valuation Price: EUR 9186.0384
Reset Barrier (new): EUR 8083.713792

Index: 7X Long Index linked to DAX®

Index ISIN: CH0325363171

Index Calculation Agent: Bank Vontobel AG

Index Website: https://indices.vontobel.com
E-Mail: indices@vontobel.com
Telephone: 00800 93 00 93 00

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